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Patient Review for Dr. Kathleen Mullaney

Patient Testimonials

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Elizabeth H.

I was terrified to go to the dentist after a painful incident 10 years ago. I had gone annually my whole life until then, but that made me refuse to go back. I am lucky enough to work in the same building as Dr. Mullaney. Paige came upstairs and introduced herself and Dr Mullaney's office. I didn't go immediately, but waited a year. I had my appointment yesterday and I can't say enough about Gina, about Dr. Mullaney, about Paige, about everyone in their office. It's a very relaxing atmosphere, every single person is kind and caring - all they want is to help you and make you feel informed, taken care of, comfortable and relaxed. Dr Mullaney clearly has my best interests at heart, and cares so much about me as a patient and a human being. Gina was very thoughtful and told me what was happening every step of the way. Paige let me squeeze her hand the first few minutes (sorry if i squeezed too hard). I can't say enough about the care I received at their office and would tell anyone who is afraid (terrified like me), this is the Dentist to go to. They are absolutely wonderful.

Debbie N.

Love Dr Mullaney - she has a great personality, keeps you at ease, is great at what she does. But probably just as important is she has an incredible staff who also take great care of their patients.

Florence H.

My experience with Dr. Mullaney was excellent. She is detailed oriented, knows what she is doing, and runs an immaculately clean and organized practice. I am very pleased with her work on me and am delighted to be her patient.

Don B.

Dr. Mullaney's team as always treated me as "Bosco" not patient B. Their kindness and warmth is what I love about her office. They care about me and that shows which I'm sure they hear that all the time. What I'm grateful for is that Dr. Mullaney has the touch of a seasoned pro behind the wheel. I was not afraid of the drill at all. She knew how to handle with ease which made my visit extremely comforting. Not many dentists have the fine skill with hand but she owns it and my mouth is thankful for that.

Hector Q.

Excellent service Dr. Kathleen Mullaney and all her staff are the best. They make you feel like family. I have always been scared of the dentist but after my visit with Dr.Katheen Mullaney and her amazing staff, I'm not so scared anymore. The best dentist in the entire world.

Joan S.

"I have always had good experiences with Dr. Kathleen Mullaney, who has been my dentist for general dental work for ten years. We recently concluded that my bite needed to be corrected and several of my front teeth required strengthening and cosmetic repair. The whole process was done with care and great skill, and I'm delighted with the results. The attention I received from Dr. Mullaney and her staff was unhurried, warm and comforting. My new smile is beautiful, and I'll certainly recommend Dr. Mullaney to friends."

Larkin S, Business Executive

"Prior to moving to Alexandria in 1997, in my forties, I had been seeing a child psychologist/dentist for the better part of two decades. I was paralyzed with the fear of injections and drilling, and required nitrous oxide for normal dental maintenance. Dr. Mullaney had an immediate impact on my neurosis with her support, encouragement, and kindness. She never pressured me, and always left me in control of the alternative approaches to various dental problems. Over the years, I have come to feel completely relaxed in her care. While I often choose sedation for major dental work, I am convinced that I would be able to withstand it without, if need be.

She has also transformed my dental appearance, as time has passed and various work needed replacing, from what looked like a mouthful of metal to a natural-looking, bright smile. she has had a definite influence on my confidence and self-esteem, and has made me proud of the way my teeth look. I hope our relationship and her improvements to my smile continue for decades to come.

My sister recently moved to Virginia, and I have recommended Dr. Mullaney to her, as I would to anyone who is seeking comprehensive, state-of-the-art, totally personalized dental care."

Diana D, Funeral Home Director

"I was first referred to Dr. Kathleen Mullaney by a friend, who is also one of her patients, back in 1995. I am extremely grateful for his recommendation. Dr. Mullaney is warm, compassionate, very knowledgeable and loyal to her patients.

One procedure I had requested was to have my teeth whitened. I am happy with the end result because it looks natural without looking overdone or too white. People admire my teeth and I receive compliments all of the time."

Donnie C. W, Realtor

"Dr. Kathleen Mullaney is an exceptionally competant dentist who is gentle, caring and eternally cheerful and positive. It's hard to imagine that going to the dentist would be a pleasurable experience...but it is with Dr. Mullaney!"


Tom P, Folk Singer

"I want to thank you for the wonderful care you've given me over the last several years. You and your staff have always been warm and caring--and prompt! I seldom have time to get past the first magazine when I'm called. All busy people appreciate that.

In short, I want to thank you for my smile!"

Bridget P, Entrepeneur

"The office of Dr. Kathleen Mullaney is the best! Not only do they remember you and make you feel at ease from the start, but they have a way of making you want to return!

It's a small-town feel to the way they run their office with all of the high-tech advances of the big city. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Yvonne D, Realtor

"It was not until a few years ago that I noticed in photos that my jaw had become smaller and had forced my lower set of teeth to bunch together. Some teeth were hidden behind others. I felt very self-conscious. What to do, what to do? One thing I did was complain to Dr. Mullaney. And complain. Something needed to be done to make me feel better about myself. So Dr. Mullaney, my dentist of many years, recommended interior, porcelain, cosmetic restorations. It was thrilling to see what could be done.

The results were incredible. My teeth are now perfectly aligned, straight, and beautiful. I found my happy smile. Dr. Mullaney is dedicated and committed to mastering her dental services and is an artist. Her focus is on you, expressed with wonderful enthusiasm. It is awesome to think what she will be doing next in her field."

Julie D, Entrepenuer

"The first time I met Dr. Kathleen Mullaney I was in tears. I had recently moved to Virginia and started a new job when my left front tooth, which was an implant crown, fell out! You can imagine my horror. I immediately got on the phone with a friend who had lived in Alexandria for years and asked for the name of the best dentist in town. He gave me Dr. Kathleen Mullaney's name and number. I called her and I am so glad I did!

Dr. Mullaney explained my options, answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable. I decided the bonded bridge was the best way to go and I couldn't be happier with the results. She made sure the color, shape and size of the tooth was perfect.

I highly recommend Dr. Mullaney to everyone I know. After my new bridge was complete, my parents and co-workers made appointments with her. Dr. Mullaney's work is fantastic and everyone in her office is very helpful and friendly."

Pierce K, Pastor at Christ Episcopal Church

"The first time I sat in Dr. Mullaney's chair, after some pleasant introductions with my new dentist and a general discussion of her methodology and my tooth history, she asked a series of questions to get to know her patient better. One question she asked set my teeth on edge. "Do you grind your teeth?" I had heard of people grinding their teeth in the Bible when things weren't going their way, but I was sure I wasn't a grinder. "No," I responded, "I'm not a grinder." She inquired further. "Do you suppose you grind your teeth in your sleep?" I later asked my wife, the kids, dog and cat and not one of them could report such a sound emanating from my sleeping hours. "Well," she announced, "There is certainly some overwhelming evidence in your mouth that more than the regular wear and tear has been going on for quite some time."

It's not easy discovering you are a grinder. The discovery was eased in when I read a report that most people who live in the Washington metro area are grinders. Makes sense, I thought -- because things aren't always going so well for us. Well, what to do? Dr. Mullaney showed me how I had virtually decapitated the ridge line of my smile and made sand traps of my molars. Hence the prognosis: total mouth reconstruction.

It was the first in a steady stream of body part replacements that most boomers encounter through the fall and winter of their lives. My eyes and hearing soon followed. But whereas your eyes and hearing, hips and shoulders are never the same after the procedure, I had permanent teeth for life better than the originals. Now just who can improve on God?

Dr. Mullaney painlessly, conveniently, and tenderly took me through each stage of the reconstruction. The only thing that caught me off guard was when she asked me what color I wanted my new teeth to be. I did know teeth, like cars, came in colors...shades of white, that is. I couldn't decide, so her office staff picked one for me, which turned out to be just fine.

I admit the term "full mouth reconstruction" scared me at first. Denial set in quickly and she was perfectly willing to make a mouth guard for me to get more milage with what was left of my pulverized teeth. But I'm glad I followed her advice. At least one piece of me feels like I'm 21 again!

When you walk into Dr. Mullaney's as a patient you don't join a practice, you join a family. She cares for you as if she were your sister or mother. She always acts in your best interest and in cost-saving ways. I'll be her patient for life."

Mary Lou P

"In my opinion, there is not a sufficient number of favorable adjectives to adequately describe Dr. Kathleen Mullaney's qualifications. She is experienced, talented, creative, efficient, resourceful and caring! In addition, she possesses a delightful personality."


Colette B.

"I recall the very cold day in November 1998 like it was yesterday. I had been referred to Dr. Mullaney by a friend who was a hygienist and strongly urged me to see her suspecting I could have some serious dental challenges. As I sat in her chair that day tears streamed down my face as the suspected diagnosis was confirmed.

As I grow older dentures were a guaranteed prognosis. The option was to rebuild the teeth that were affected by my disease. There was a lot of information to research and a decsion to make on the path I wanted to take. If I did nothing my outcome was guaranteed. If I committed myself to the full treatment plan, I could have a beautiful smile as I entered what I consider to be the prime of life.

My case was on the more complicated side of procedures. My request to avoid dentures at any time in my future was going to command a carefully executed plan. A commitment to the periodontics was also neccessary, and the teamwork displayed by Dr. Mullaney and her referral partners to perform procedures outside of her practice was as if they worked together every day. I felt very confident that Dr. Mullaney would be able to give me a smile as beautiful as hers, which was my last decision to move forward.

Dr. Mullaney made a commitment to restore my smile and I made a commitment to follow through diligently with her treatment plan. There were a lot of procedures ahead of me and a lengthy time period to achieve this in the manner that I would be comfortable with. The devotion that Dr. Mullaney gave to me is beyond any expectations one could have of a professional.

My treatment was to be performed in steps and all the procedures were explained to me well in advance of the desired deadlines. Every precaution was taken by Dr. Mullaney to ensure we had addressed all possibilities and determined the best path to achieve success from the procedures. None of the procedures were uncomfortable and always carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

As time went on the procedures were a success. Seven years later my smile was restored to the smile I had before that cold day in November, 1998, my first visit with Dr. Mullaney. As you may imagine, I highly recommend that you consider Dr. Mullaney for any of your cosmetic dentistry needs."

Mark M. Computer Scientist

"I've had the extra ordinary privilege of having Dr. Kathleen Mullaney as my Dentist since 1998. It's safe to say she not only changed my smile, Dr. Mullaney changed my life. I was grateful recipient of her expert dental care, with wonderful results. Dr. Mullaney replaced old, unsightly amalgams that I'd long disliked, with beautiful white porcelain onlays. Then, through a whitening procedure and porcelain veneers, Dr. Mullaney put the finishing touches on my entirely new smile- and I couldn't be happier with the dazzling outcome.

It's not only her expert care that I found so appealing-it's the professional demeanor of Dr. Mullaney and her staff, their warm and inviting manner, and their continuing attention to detail. I also see their devotion to not only quality care and customer service, but in seeking out the very finest and latest in dental techniques and technology. Finally, every visit is an enjoyable one, as Dr. Mullaney and her teammake everyone feel part of their dental family."

Barry A.

"Dr. Mullaney has been my dentist for the past ten years after I spent most of the preceding ten years looking for a good dentist. The reasons I have stayed with Dr. Mullaney are simple: she has the knowledge, the skills, and the personal touch that make an outstanding dentist. She also stays abreast of developments in the profession and communicates with the patient about the nature of his or her dental care. Dr. Mullaney's level of professionalism has made me much more comfortable about one of my least welcome tasks - going to the dentist."

Douglas G. B.

"The generally accepted apprehension of dental work by almost all of us has, in my case, been dispelled by Dr. Mullaney through a combination of a wonderful, pleasing personality and outstanding dental care with the most modern techniques and equipment. I obtain periodontal maintenance three times a year during which she very thoroughly examines my mouth and absorbs the report of the hygeinist. I receive a very frank outlook on the health of my teeth and gums which is reassuring. I know that I am in strong, professional hands. Dr. Mullaney is a key player in maintaining a high quality of life for me.

Her entire staff is most pleasant and it is obvious that Dr. Mullaney is respected by them. If anyone can make a dental office a happy place, Dr. Mullaney has shown that she can. I really do look forward to my visits to her office."